Projects have uncertainties. We provide practical solutions for saving our clients time and money.

ICM started as a response to a rapidly changing workforce climate, and one that has shown significant signs of distress.  We recognize that many companies are struggling with growing pains and in some cases, a lack of training and cultivation across various disciplines.  Unfortunately for a lot of individuals, those instances have led to improper management, and it was largely in part to the tremendous amount of work load placed on project managers.  We found this to be a substantial flaw in the industry, and out of this we formed Industrial Code Management, an organization specifically tailored to help handle these instances.

Industrial Code Management

Industrial Code Management is actively working with clients throughout the Western United States.  We educate, monitor, prevent or mitigate loss on a daily basis for our clients.  Our team actively exemplifies the importance of safety, training, inspections and code compliant procedures and documentation.  We’re assisting management teams on a variety of job sites.   Whether your organization is in chemical processing, mining, power generation or oil and gas, we have the technical knowledge and planning to assist you with your project.
Whether it’s 3rd party, direct contract, or technical services you’re looking for, we’re just a phone call away in Arizona or California.