Third Party Industrial Site Management

ICM is here to assist your project with top notch third party project management.  Our technical services handle every construction management phase.

Industrial Code Management

ASME, API, ASTM, AWWA, D1.1, are a few examples of mechanical codes we have decades of experience in.  ICM’s team of third party mechanical advisors and technical experts have spent their careers working in power plants, mine sites, chemical plants, and heavy structural construction projects throughout the United States.  Industrial Code Management helps clients in need of third party industrial project management and Third party CWI QC verification on behalf of the EPC, General Contractor, and Sub-Contractor alike.  With our construction management and involvement in every phase of the industrial construction process, we’re able to understand and convey project statuses as a whole.  ICM is California and Arizona’s best choice for code compliance management in Mechanical Quality Control.

On behalf of the Client or EPC: ICM monitors daily activities as 3rd party industrial management over production, safety and quality of the GC (General Contractor or Primary) and monitors all code related Sub-Contractor procedures and operations.  The Industrial Code Management 3rd party coordination teams notate or document construction management and site activities as they happen. Our client’s will know if their product is built to quality, engineering, and design specifications.

Distillation Tower

On behalf of the General Contractor and Sub-Contractors:  From our Arizona office we provide third party construction management personnel to monitor daily activities of the subs, present daily/intra-day field reports, make suggestions based on lead times and production scheduling.  ICM offers safety training, monitoring and coordination for both OSHA and MSHA.  OSHA and MSHA Training of company personnel is available through our qualified trainers.  This training is made available to primary contractors, as well as sub-contractor personnel during the course of the project.  Third party Quality Management (QCM or QM) is available to ensure a complete code qualified turnover package is provided including: quality data acquisition, third party daily quality reports, qualification of procedures, qualification of personnel to those procedures, and third party NDE coordination as it fits within the timeline schedule.  Be sure to see our case study!

Safety Coordination, MSHA Training, Corporate Safety Program Development, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Certification: We are 100% dedicated to the safety of your employees, the people working within the project, and everyone in the project’s surrounding vicinity. ICM third party and direct safety, also develops clear and concise safety manuals.  We teach employees to generate their own safety consciousness, and instill the importance of creating a safety culture within our client’s environment.


“When I first called ICM, I gave them the situation as it was. It was a less than desirable situation for anyone to walk into. but the time we had our first formal meeting, they already had a plan.  We were presented with a well documented matrix to determine the best path forward. ICM handled the industrial inspection and OSHA Safety aspects of our project professionally and straight forward. I was definitely impressed with the integrity and leadership they brought.”

-Phillip S. Director of Operations

Our Third party Industrial Code Management Site Advisor

is responsible for the oversight of operations taking place on the entire site.  This oversight is reported on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis depending on the client’s request.  We help to ensure the project comes to fruition within the target budget and in a timely manner.

Or staff of highly knowledgeable advisors are responsible for evaluating the construction process and management teams on site during the construction process.  Our team is responsible for establishing an on-site presence with an open door policy to facilitate any potential discrepancies that may arise between engineering plans and the field production crews.

ICM third party advisors report largely to the general contractors, EPC, and site owners as it pertains to the contractual agreements.  Our role is to monitor the site progression and notify of any issues that may arise as a result of current and future production.  As with the ICM safety teams, it is the advisor’s responsibility to point out any foreseeable safety hazards that may result from deviations in the scheduled work plan.

Typical Industrial Code Management Advisor duties:

  • Interfacing with client or ICM inspection team members
  • Notifying client safety or ICM Site Safety of potential hazards
  • Solving discrepancies within the project work flow
  • Assisting in sourcing proper materials to adhere to project specifications
  • Report preparation and presentations for clients
  • Project progression analysis and timeline estimation

ICM Advisors Have the Knowledge:

  • Global project awareness
  • Technical and theoretical problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team leadership and team oriented
  • High level of information technology skill sets
  • Expert level of construction management within their field
  • Health and Safety conscience for everyone around them
  • Excellent grammatical and communication skills

Industrial Code Management Advisor Qualifications

Our advisors have degrees from accredited universities in construction management with six years of similar industrial onsite project experience, or have a proven track record as an exceptional project manager in an similar industrial site management position for over ten years.  These positions include site quality control management, site project engineer, professional engineering license, and project management of similar size and project scope.  Similar projects means: Same code designations, safety protocols (Mine Safety and Health Administration vs Occupational Safety and Health Administration),  and plant environments.

 Industrial Code Management Site Advisors assist

  • Mining and Smelter Modifications and Process Upgrades
  • Power Plant and Power Generation Station Upgrades, Capital Improvements, and Process Improvements.
  • Thermal Solar and Geo Thermal Process expansions, Capital Improvements, and process upgrades.
  • Refinery Turnarounds, Capital Improvements, and Process upgrades.
  • Chemical Plant Expansions, Process Improvements and Maintenance Projects.
  • Pipeline installation and maintenance.
  • CNG: Compressed Natural Gas plant upgrades and process improvements
  • Food Processing facility expansions, maintenance, and upgrades.
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