Third-party Quality Control services have a significant impact on the outcome of welding and mechanical projects. The third-party QC position in the shop or field, has an unbiased view on the events taking place. Their role is to understand and monitor the welding procedure, processes, and all procedure qualification documents that adhere to the code. Documentation of events and processes will catch any problems or shortcuts a manufacturer may take to produce a product according to their schedule.


The ICM welding inspection team has a deep understanding of all major mechanical codes, giving you peace of mind!

We have the best welding inspection team, and it shows!

Here’s the two major things your company can expect by having our 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Party CWI Welding Inspection Professionals on your project: Receive a detailed accurate, “real-time” understanding of the project status and timeline – The ICM welding inspector and welding inspection team has the ability to foresee potential welding problems, and daily Welding Inspection Test Reports (ITRs) provide current evidence and monitoring that our client’s depend on. The data obtained from our ITRs can be used as a legally defined timeline, indicating what happened and when certain events were first realized through our non destructive testing ndt VT (Visual Inspection) process.  The Industrial Code Management welding inspector on site is required to report to the client, information regarding any and all weld discontinuities immediately.  This affords the customer the most amount of time to make adjustments, in the event the client desires a second form of inspection, like penetrant inspection.

With the information conveyed by the welding inspection team, our clients will have a better understanding of the performance of the following: Their own certified welding crew, the certified welding employees of their general contractor, or the certified welding team the general contractor’s subcontractor.  Our team of certified welding inspectors have a substantial background in American Water Works Association (AWWA), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Petrolium Institute (API), and American Welding Society (AWS) to name a few.  The inspection criteria will be met for your project, regardless of the code your project is in accordance to.

ICM Quality Stamp of Approval

Unrivaled Welding Inspectors on the Industrial Code Management Welding Inspection Team

One thing we are certain about, is the professionalism our team brings to the project. Things can happen during a project that is unexpected, requires a little extra effort, and just a bit of understanding. That is what makes our weld inspector considerably above the average inspection team. Industrial Code Management weld inspectors have that positivity to look for ways we can do something vs ways we can not. We treat all our certified welding inspectors with the utmost respect, and it is a reflection of our management team when they are in direct care of your project.


Industrial Code Management addresses all potential issues regarding code compliancy, how the project is being tracked internally from client vendors, how it is being monitored, and the steps for correcting any non-conformance issues. Quite often, the non-conformance issues tend to be procedural and/or material property oversights. Industrial Code Management’s on site Quality Control Managers and AWS CWI Inspectors are here to help from start to finish. Our weld inspection experts are responsible for educating our clients on the current status of their project as it relates to potential quality delays. Both of the aforementioned key points will substantially help our clients make intelligent decisions. Attributes of the Industrial Code Management process, prove a significant reduction in the risk of: Running over project budget, accruing liquidated damages (LDs), developing a bad company reputation, future warranty bond claims and/or future insurance claims. These risk factors collectively help our clients assimilate a game plan for keeping the project running smoothly.

Quality Management and Mechanical Inspection

American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector CWI – Weld Inspection and QC Documentation

  • Mechanical Alignment and Placement (Mechanical Pumps, Rotating Equipment, Turbine Coupling Etc)
  • Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks,
  • Piping, fittings, valve (verification) Welding (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, MCAW, etc.)
  • Non Destructive Testing witness, material conformance, Certified Welding Inspection weld mapping, weld discontinuities documentation
  • Painting and Coatings witness
  • Layout, weld joint, fitting, and weld quality conformance
Tube to Tube Sheet Inspections

Site Quality Management Process

  • Documentation Conformance
  • Visual Testing (VT) for weld discontinuities
  • Sample size and selection (code designation)
  • Dimensional Conformance and Weld Quality Logging and Tracking
  • Receiving Inspection Reports, In process Hold points and Final evaluations. ​

For all of your inspection quality control and quality assurance needs on the west coast, give us a call at the ICM California office.  If you’re in the mountain and midwest region, call us on the Arizona ICM line.

Code management is vital in the success of any organization.  Without proving your work was done properly, you may have to start over.

  • Receiving Inspection Reports
  • Monitoring NDT activities
  • Welding inspector visual inspection of  welding processes, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Turnover Documentation Review (code pertinent information)
  • Civil and Structural Steel Destructive Testing and Monitoring
  • Startup and Commissioning Monitoring
QA Documentation on Refineries