Industrial Code Management’s responsibilities include obtaining documentation from sub-contractors as the project progresses. This determines any potential issues that sub-contractors may be facing, before the end-of-project pre-op and commissioning phase. It’s often that we’re able to spot potential issues far enough in advance to prevent a rough ending to a project. Preconstruction planning efforts can drastically reduce overall costs in a project, and ICM is prepared to assist in this phase as it applies to your specific project. We provide descriptive outlines of all documentation needed from the general contractor and sub-contractors, in an effort to remain efficient and transparent.



It is our goal to make sure the project meets regulatory requirements throughout the duration of the project!

ICM is pro-active in meeting with the contractors to monitor their activities, and advise them of what the project specifications and expectations are. Our quality management team will provide a clear cut outline, defined by the code, in which all contractors will need to adhere to.  These outlines define specifically what documentation will be required by project completion. No more assuming or expecting the contractor or sub-contractor knows exactly what paperwork to turn in. We save our client’s a lot of unforeseen monetary heartache and headache, by keeping up your contractor’s contractual responsibilities.  Learn more about our Quality Management and Safety Management Services.

Industrial Code Management Technical Advisor Service


Industrial Code Management is part of the EPC/OWNER team to make sure the right products are installed in the right order, within the right code requirements and following the right procedures. We understand the importance of following proper protocol to identify any potential hazards or problems within your project. Great ideas and documentation lead to great products. We help our clients understand the status of their project to make informed decisions along the way.

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