We assist in providing professionally packaged and detailed mechanical (B31.1, B31.3, API 650, API 653, etc.), Civil (ACI 318) and structural (AWS D1.1) code ready Turnover Packages or Dossiers. This data is extremely important for your client’s ability to reduce system failure liability. This also proves that your company has performed due diligence through out the construction process.



Finish the project strong with all supporting documentation and with proven construction practices and procedures!

Support General Contractors

Most contractual agreements require this documentation for your organization to receive a form of final payment for work performed as well. Industrial Code Management has an impeccable track record of being very meticulous in our documentation, and that gives your clients great peace of mind.  If you’re dealing with an ASME B31.1 Sec. I project (for example: all boiler and boiler external piping), you will certainly need all of this documentation to present to the Authorized Inspector in your area.*  Upon completion of the project, your client will have the necessary code related data for operation of repaired or newly installed equipment.  This information is a declaration stating the project was performed in accordance to applicable code requirements and design engineering specifications.


By agreement on behalf of the General Contractor, ICM’s quality management team will provide in print and/or digital form, a clear cut and well defined code management outline. It is our recommendation that any and all of your sub-contractors will need to adhere to a specific outline or protocol. The outline ICM will provide in conjunction with approved Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), is highly advised in order to assure a systematic pre-determined outcome of project success. These outlines define in detail, the documentation which will be required at the project’s completion. This eliminates any confusion of what’s expected and required from your sub-contractors.

General Contractor Supporting Management Teams

How ICM Supports the General Contractor?

For some of our clients, the issues with documentation is relating to the manner in which it is presented to their customer. Your client should never receive a pile of paperwork to sort through upon completion. Documentation should be laid out in an easy to read and navigable format. If your project is running behind on a formal documentation layout, ICM can assemble your quality documentation in a clear, concise, easy to follow format for your project.

For all General Contractor assistance on the west coast, please call us at Industrial Code Management California, and for assistance in the Mountain or Midwest region, call us at our Arizona Industrial Code Management office.

Support for GCs

Accurate reporting of project tasks

We will be glad to assist your company with building a code ready turnover package (dossier), by educating your team on the necessary documentation needed to show your project is code compliant. Ethical business practice is the only universe in which ICM operates. We will not, under any circumstance, alter any legal documentation (including report forms) what-so-ever. Industrial Code Management notifies your team members of any discrepancies or missing documentation needed to adhere to the code. The project outline requirements are handled on a case-by-case basis (depending on the size and scope of the project).

*Prior to starting any B31.1 Section I project, it is highly advised to have a pre-meeting with your local Authorized Inspector. This meeting is to discuss the inspection hold points that need to be witnessed by the AI.