The changing environment of mining creates safety situations that are not common in other industries. Miners are exposed to situations that prove to be more severe than the majority of other industrial construction job sites. If your project involves work at mines and quarries, you’re required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to establish, maintain, and direct a mine safety training program.



MSHA safety planning and coordination - Industrial Code Management

This program will provide the fundamental guidelines in which to safely operate construction activities in mining environments!

Industrial Code Management has the expertise needed to provide a complete comprehensive program to educate your team, every step of the way.
After a survey of your project, our experts will be able to:

  • Make determinations of existing or potential safety violations
  • Make determinations or implement proper safety protocols relating to your site’s unique   potential safety hazards
  • Establish and maintain proper administration of safety activities (which employees will have safety related responsibilities or advanced training)
  • Assemble, Organize, and maintain MSHA compliance
  • Reduce your company’s operational costs


MSHA requirements are an integral part of mine operations. The ICM MSHA Team has a great history of being very effective at recognizing site specific job safety hazards. These specific hazards are integrated into a written safety program, and address the hazards as a part of required safety training to be utilized on site.
Industrial Code Management offers assistance in all levels of MSHA requirements and training.

MSHA Site Safety Coordination

Our services assure full organization compliance in the following steps.

  • Safety Program Implementation and Development
  • Site MSHA Assessment (3rd party internal)
  • Mine Safety Training Class
  • Accident investigation, documentation and reporting
  • 3rd party evaluation and risk assessment of day-to-day operations
  • New Miner Training Classes
  • Annual Refresher of Current Miners

For MSHA Training on the west coast (CA, NV, OR, WA or ID), call us at the California ICM office. For MSHA training in the Mountain or Midwest Region, contact us at our Arizona ICM location.

Acid Plant MSHA PPE

Our Services Help Lower Your Bottom Line

Receiving a citation from MSHA for safety violations will prove to be very costly.  By not having the proper job site safety representation, you could potentially be exposed to hefty fines, and if an employee is injured, you’re exposing the company to substantial liability claims.

Learn about our services and how a complete service package will be of even greater value for your project by calling us today!