– ICMs OSHA 10 Hour training program is provided to companies as a way to educate employees of the occupational hazards and to bring awareness to all safety requirements necessary on the job site. We have a comprehensive training program for new employees which serves well as a refresher program for current employees. This program introduces your employees to the basic principles of identifying, reporting, reducing and eliminating job site hazards commonly found in the work place.



This 10 hour classroom program is designed to meet the requirements of the OSHA 10 Outreach Training Program!

OSHA PPE Training

The OSHA Outreach Training Program and is specific to the nature of work being performed on your job site. By identifying the job hazards associated with your project in advance, ICM will make sure your employees are better prepared to identify and be proactive regarding the hazards that may arise.


• Introduction to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
• Electrical Hazards
• Fall Protection Usage
• Material Storage, Usage, Disposal and Handling
• PPE and life saving equipment
• Excavating and Proper Containment
• Ladder and Stairway Safety
• Proper power tool and hand tool operation
• Potential falling object hazards
• Pinch Points, Caught by or In-between (Equipment Hazards)

OSHA Corp Safety

10 Hour General Industry Includes:

  • Introduction to: OSHA
  • Navigating uneven surfaces and fall protection requirements
  • Emergency Action Plan, Fire Protection and prevention plan
  • Exit route and rally point plan
  • Identifying electrical hazards
  • Using proper PPE
  • Safety Data Sheet, Hazardous Material Identification and containment
OSHA Safety

More Covered OSHA 10 Topics

  • Proper handling of materials
  • Using all safety guards on machinery
  • Industrial Hygiene protocols and procedures
  • Bloodborne Pathogen isolation and protocol
  • Health and Safety Programs
  • Ergonomics – Fit for duty

Industrial Code Management has qualified OSHA Certified Outreach Instructors whom specialize in delivering the Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10 Hour Training class. Need a service package price?  Be sure to check out all services ICM offers.  Contact ICM Arizona or ICM California for more details.