– The ICM OSHA 30 Outreach Training Program is specifically designed to educate employees that handle workplace incidents. These topics explain protocols and procedures for handling workplace safety related incidents as well as safety awareness, hazard prevention and elimination.



Fully comprehensive training program geared toward specific management personnel whom have safety responsibilities within your company!

OSHA PPE Training

– ICM’s OHSA 30 Hour Training is a fully comprehensive training program geared toward specific management  personnel whom have safety responsibilities within your company. The purpose of the OSHA 30 is to assist the client by training and educating the core employee’s ability to identify, reduce, or eliminate job site hazards.


– Our OSHA Certified Outreach Instructors are passionate about delivering the most personalized training. We engage the employees to take part in active discussion of safety concerns they’ve experienced in the past. ICM’s training exceeds OSHA guidelines, and they’re always tailored specifically to your job site activities and hazards.

Get certified in the Mountain or Midwest region by calling our Arizona office, and reach out to us in California for west coast classroom training and certification.

Industrial Code Management

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Administration

  • Electrical Hazards
  • Fall Protection Plans
  • Caught Between/In – Equipment, Machinery, Trench Hazards
  • Struck By Hazards – Falling Objects, Equipment, Machinery
  • PPE and Proper Usage
  • Ladders and Stairway Usage
  • Excavation Procedures and Protocols
  • Health and Hazards in the work place (Identifying when to wear respirators)
  • Scaffold operational procedures
OSHA Corp Safety

OSHA Introduction Continued

  • Structural Steel Protocol
  • Overhead machinery usage – Cranes etc.
  • Material Handling, Storage, Disposal and Usage
  • Identifying Confined Space, Permitting, Hole Watch
  • Operating Industrial Vehicles
  • PPE – Proper usage
  • Communication of Jobsite Hazards
  • Working on Uneven Surfaces
  • Electrical Hazards and Protocols
  • Proper Handling of job site materials
  • SDS training and protocols
  • Use of Machine Guards
  • Lockout / Tagout procedures
  • Common Industrial Hygiene Practices
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Proper Procedures
  • Proper use and designation for Fall Protection