The greatest safety consulting you’ll find, is from our OSHA site safety team.

– ICM is a provider of health and OSHA site safety managers throughout the western United States. Construction safety for your companies construction site is our top priority. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of safety consulting with integrity and pride in what we do. We handle customized site safety manager contract services, based on the needs of your construction site. We ensure all employees understand site safety, safety training, what it takes to remain safe on the job, and to make sure your company is OSHA compliant. Our site safety coordinator is always ready to help with your company’s health and safety concerns.


In order to keep your company compliant, ICM offers construction site safety consulting with an OSHA trained expert.  For all your construction activities, stick with the best site safety manager. ICM is Construction Safety!

The ICM safety manager has years of safety training experience, which helps redefine our process of onsite construction safety management and protocols to follow. Our OSHA certified site safety coordinators will be able to train and certify your company’s staff to site safety requirements, to OSHA standards. Our site safety manager has real world experience and is responsible for training all construction equipment operators. The ICM site safety coordinator will hold in class training, lecture, testing, and hands on operator verification of all site safety circumstances. This is essential for your employee’s knowledge base of the specific site safety requirements, and it’s imperative to for them to show their knowledge before ICM will issue operator certifications.

OSHA Corp Safety
OSHA Safety

Certifications for equipment can range from, but not limited to the following types:

Forklift Standup – Forklift Sitdown – Forklift Boom Style – Manlift Boom Style – Manlift Scissor Lift Style – Floor Sweepers – Areal Boom Manlift – Elevator Operations – Bulldozer – Grader – Trackhoe – Backhoe – Dump Truck – Slag Hauler


– The National Safety Council states: For every dollar spent on keeping employees safe using our site safety coordinator, yields a return on investment between three to six dollars. That’s a 300 – 600% return on investment, and a huge win for everyone. It’s a proven fact that companies with a proper safety manager and maintained OSHA program, are going to operate more efficiently and see a substantial increase in worker retention rates. This lowers the potential risk of OSHA related violations, and creates a greater unity within the company by being more safety conscious. Industrial Code Management is your best choice to improving your company’s safety record. OSHA compliance is the law, and it’s also the best idea for your company and employees.
For Site Service in CA, NV, OR, WA, or ID call the California location. For Service in the Midwest and Mountain Region, call the Arizona location.