Industrial Code Management assists by providing professional, well packaged quality turnover documentation. These are civil, mechanical and structural, code ready Turnover Packages or Dossiers. The data provided by ICM’s Direct or 3rd Party Quality Management crew is critical documentation needed to prove the work was performed according to the applicable code and engineering specifications.



Industrial Code Management has a history of being extremely detailed with code documentation, and that is the assurance the General Contractor can get behind!

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Often, contract agreements require this documentation in order to receive a form of final payment. Industrial Code Management has a proven track record of detailed code documentation, and that is great news for your General Contractor. After finishing up on the job site, the General Contractor will have the required data, to pass along to the Owner. This documentation is instrumental in proving the project was performed in accordance to applicable engineering specifications and code requirements. ICM’s quality management team is prepared to make digital and hard copies of the package in a timely fashion. All work sub contracted at this point, should adhere to a specific outline that ICM has developed. This outline was designed in order to maintain our systematic approach to determining in advance, successful project completion. These specific outlines explain specifically, all code related documentation on our own forms, which should be required by the end of the project.


In some cases, it’s really a matter of how your General Contractor want’s to see your documentation. ICM will interface directly with your General Contractor or Owner Representative QC Department, and make sure they do not have any extra requests above and beyond the scope of Engineering Specification verification, in addition to the code. All Dossier/Turnover documentation will be laid out in an easy to read and navigable format. If your project is running behind as a result of documentation layout presentation, ICM will assemble your quality documentation in a clear, concise, easy to follow format for the General Contractor or Owner Representative.

Subcontractor Monitoring and Advice Industrial Code Management

ICM is built on a foundation of Ethics

We will be equally happy to be of short-term assistance in the process of building a code ready turnover package (dossier). Educating your team, is Industrial Code Management’s objective. Understanding the process is imperative in order to show your project is code compliant. ICM is in business based on ethical business practices.

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Assure you have all necessary information

We will not, under any circumstance, alter any legal documentation (including QC, Safety, and Advisory report forms) what-so-ever. ICM will promptly notify your staff, of any missing or incomplete documents that will be needed in order to assure code compliance. Industrial Code Management works on a case-by-case basis, and will arrange a service package to suit your companies needs specifically.