ICM’s Third-party Advisors have a natural ability to see the project as the “sum of all project parts.” This means that sometimes the quickest and easiest solution for problems, is not always the best move to see the project finished without delays. Our 3rd party advisors have experience in mining, power plants, refineries, paper mills, process plants and chemical plants. We’re here to help document every phase of the construction process as it happens.



Struggling is a natural part of the project sometimes, and Industrial Code Management is here for you!

Some of the more critical phases of a project is before the contract is even awarded. Often times, the EPC Engineering company is under pressure to get a project out for bid, and they miss critical elements of project. These problems may lead to liquidated damages, due to lengthly lead times for specialty or hard to procure parts and labor constraints. This critical step in the process can become the cause of substantial delays in project deadlines, and create a less than desirable outcome for the owner, EPC and contractors involved.


We have you covered. Industrial Code Management’s team realizes the best time to fix a problem is to catch it very early on. We’ll be a part of your overall project walk down and pre-bid planning and discussions, to minimize or eliminate costly T&M charges on the project. Our third party management team will determine the most likely cause for project delays, and document these events as the occur on a daily basis. ICM has sound professional advice based on capital expenditures, timeline, available materials and labor force. This advice will aid your managers in making the best decision.

Why ICM Advisors?

ICM advisors are constantly documenting events in the field. We understand your company has a ton of paperwork to keep track of, invoices, lead-times, procurement, logistics, immediate production concerns, etc. It is really tough to have a great global view of the project, maintain production goals, and keep costs down.

Slow Down to Get Ahead

Too much action too fast, can create a hole in your production schedule. Moderation with a complete 360 project vision, is the best way to handle a changing environment and maintaining overall consistency. This helps keep employees safe, having a positive attitude, well rested and fit for duty.

Excellent Industrial Advise you can depend on.  Save time and money with in-depth planning and scheduling.

Efficiency is only as good as the plan of attack. How you address and adapt to the changing demands of the project can greatly impact your schedule, timeline, bottom line, and completion date. We’re here to make the valuable suggestions in order to perform the job safer, more effectively, and ultimately allowing you to save time and money.